Mena Mahone

The Visionary

Meet Mena Mahone, renowned as the “Bully Boys First Lady” hailing from Detroit, MI, alongside the acclaimed group featuring Boldy James, Fast Lane, Redi Rock, and Bullwackie. Beyond her roots in the Eastside of Detroit, Mena is not just a rapper but a multifaceted artist and actress.

Her journey into serious rap began in 2018, fueled by ambitions to not only make her mark as a prominent Michigan artist but to resonate globally. In just a year, Mena’s impact has reverberated, securing features in over 88 blogs and magazines, winning acclaim with six videos, one amassing over 200k views.

Beyond her musical prowess, Mena is a dedicated advocate for women against domestic violence. Engaging in philanthropy aligns with her dynamic career, which includes roles in various movies and a forthcoming documentary on Netflix.

Amidst her diverse portfolio, Mena’s latest release, “Changes,” is a testament to her authenticity and inspiration. The track delves into societal issues, offering a powerful message against compromising one’s integrity for success.

In a world filled with creative individuals, Mena Mahone stands out, promising a future filled with groundbreaking contributions. Stay tuned for her journey as she continues to redefine the narrative in the rap and entertainment scene.